If we are in the same city you can directly email and schedule a meeting. I would love to meet you personally and explain how I work. If you are coming from outside of the city, you can send an e-mail directly by answering the questions below. my assistant will try to get you back as soon as possible. If you do not get a reply, please try to send it once more. Sometimes we get busy and we can’t see.


If we have confirmed your appointment date in ten interviews or if we have been contacted via email and your appointment date has been confirmed. At least 5 designs will be ready for you on the appointment date. Some of these designs will be inspired directly by your references. Some will be unique designs that I will prepare by looking from different perspectives. I will not show or send the designs to you before the appointment date.

We will have time to make changes on the designs and discuss your ideas on the appointment date. don’t worry about it.


There are some questions I should ask you to prepare designs. Please try to answer these questions very comfortably. I will prepare many designs by reading all these answers over and over again at different times and I will prepare a presentation of all these designs for you on the appointment date.

  • First of all, I need photographs of the placement or placements you want to get tattooed by marking them with a pencil. One of the important details for me to prepare this design correctly will be the photograph taken from several angles.

  • I want to see the ones you like the most from my works (tattoos or designs) and the ones that you feel are closest to the tattoo you want to get. Please specify which work you like and if there is a similar detail you would like to have in your tattoo. In addition, it is very important for me to understand your aesthetic understanding that you also mention the details that you dislike about my works and the details that bother you in these tattoos.

  • What I want to understand in this chapter is your aesthetic vision. I will want to see the work of other tattoo artists you follow and admire. The most important thing is, please send me the works of the artists you like, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, director or the artists you like in any field of art. This will help me prepare designs with a wider perspective by allowing me to approach the design I will prepare for you from different angles.

  • The last question is if there is a story behind the tattoo, please mention it. Designs can sometimes be prepared based on a story and sometimes only with an aesthetic concern. Do not forget that even the small details you give will help to create a stronger effect by being hidden in the design.

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